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North America: 1.800.387.3206
U.K.: 0800 051 6413

The Unique EDGE®
What To Expect

What can participants expect?

The day of the workshop:

The workshop begins at 9 a.m. sharp, but we encourage participants to arrive early so they can relax, chat, and enjoy the continental breakfast.

Throughout the day, we cover a variety of concepts and tools. Participants work individually and in groups to effectively map out how to apply and integrate what they learn to their own lives.

All EDGE coaches are youthful, experienced Strategic Coach® team members with a thorough knowledge of Strategic Coach® concepts and their applications.

We pride ourselves on creating a relaxed and comfortable workshop environment. We take a short break every hour, and at noon we provide a catered lunch. The workshop day ends no later than 5:00 p.m.

After the workshop:

We invite EDGE participants, after the workshop day, to keep in touch with Strategic Coach®, especially if they have any questions or need support in implementing what they’ve learned.


Unique EDGE Inquiries

For more information on our Unique EDGE workshops, please email one of our Unique EDGE Sales Consultants. Or call 416.531.7399 locally, 1.800.387.3206 toll free from North America, or 0800 051 6413 toll free from the U.K.

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