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The Secret to Increased Productivity: Taking Time Off

Entrepreneur.com, October 2014

Find out what Dan and two of our multipliers said about the secret to greater productivity.

A Packing List For The Future

The Huffington Post, August 2014

In this article for The Huffington Post, Dan takes readers through a very quick exercise in “mental calisthenics” that will help them decide which “things, people, and thoughts” to keep in the past, which to carry forward into the future, and which to utilize in the present to achieve their bigger future vision.

Expert Interview With Strategic Coach Dan Sullivan

Money-Making Monthly, March 2014

Dan talks with Steve Sipress at Money-Making Monthly about The 80% Approach™ and much more.

How to Pivot on a Thought

The Huffington Post, February 2014

Dan’s latest article at The Huffington Post explains that at the heart of the ability to always be learning and improving in the face of seeming adversity is an ability to pivot quickly with your thinking.

How to Create a 2014 in Your Mind That You Can't Wait to Live

The Huffington Post, January 2014

Dan’s first post of 2014 at The Huffington Post describes two often-unacknowledged conditions that make it difficult for some highly successful people to create a clear vision and set inspiring goals for themselves, and offers a way to resolve those challenges to help you construct a vision for 2014 and beyond.

A Self-Managing Company? Why Not!

The CEO Magazine, December 2013

In a guest blog for The CEO Magazine, Shannon Waller asks four key questions that will tell you if you're ready to get started on creating your Self-Managing Company, and outlines three steps that will set you on your way to having the entrepreneurial freedoms a company like this brings.

Entrepreneurs of Britain — Don’t Let Them Downgrade Your Confidence!

The Huffington Post, June 2013

In his latest article for The Huffington Post, Dan gives eight reasons why British entrepreneurs can still grow their businesses 10x.

Globe Small Business hangs out with Dan Sullivan

The Globe and Mail, January 2012

In a video chat with Report on Small Business senior editor Terry Brodie, Dan shares smart leadership strategies for the coming year.

Break Through the Complexity Barrier

BizTalk Radio, June 2012

Dan Sullivan talks with Jim Lobaito about the Strategic Coach® Program, how to increase your revenue and profitability, and the biggest challenge entrepreneurs are facing today.

How 'Free Days' can revolutionise and re-energise your business

Growing Business, October 2012

Dan Sullivan writes about how rest and rejuvenation are the key to using your talents to the fullest.

Take a Free Day™: a lot more than balance

Real Business, September 2012

What if you could get better results by taking time off work? Dan Sullivan explains how much Free Days™ matter for business leaders.

Mind your mindset: how to help your staff members think more like entrepreneurs

FreshBusinessThinking.com, July 2012

Dan provides five strategies for building and strengthening a "No-Entitlement Attitude" in your company culture to keep your team actively and effectively supporting you and your business goals.

How to multiply yourself

LondonslovesBusiness.com, June 2012

Dan writes about how entrepreneurs who consistently get great results over the long-term always value cooperation over status. Find out how to foster greater cooperation in your business.

The Question of Trust

SUCCESS Magazine, June 2012

Darren Hardy, publisher of SUCCESS magazine, tested Dan's R-Factor Question® with eight people over one week. Find out how it went.

Change Your Life With Unique Ability®

Coach Micheal Burt, May 2012

Catherine Nomura and Shannon Waller of Strategic Coach® discuss their book Unique Ability®: Creating The Life You Want with leadership expert Micheal Burt on Change Your Life Radio.

Modern Marketing: Why go 2x when you can go 10x?

Success Magazine, April 2012

Strategic Coach® founder Dan Sullivan asks Success Magazine readers if they would be willing to grow 10x if it meant their business would become simpler, easier to manage, and more profitable.

10X Growth Formula: Dan Sullivan Shows How to Create a Booming Business

Insurance News Net, March 2012

Stuck in a sales slump? In this extended version of his interview with Insurance News Net, Dan Sullivan lays it on the line: what insurance companies and producers are doing wrong and how they can break through their limitations with a simple shift in their thinking.

How to get more time off without losing productivity

The Globe and Mail, Harvey Schachter, September 2011

Strategic Coach® client Dwayne Bragonier talks with Report on Business's Harvey Schachter about losing his balance and the power of Free Days™.

The Celebrity Lifestyle could be yours

The Globe and Mail, Harvey Schachter, August 2011

In this Report On Business special, Dan Sullivan shares how an entrepreneur's life can mimic that of a celebrity's — minus the paparazzi.

Dan Sullivan on Tapping Your Entrepreneurial Strengths

Journal of Financial Planning, Tom Nawrocki, March 2011

In this month’s Journal of Financial Planning, Dan Sullivan answers ten questions about key issues for financial advisors, including habits, work-life balance, compliance, and other common obstacles that can be turned into entrepreneurial strengths.

You can download a pdf of the article or listen to the podcast interview with Dan.

Julia Waller and your Unique Ability®

Everyday Leadership, Julia Waller, February 2011

Tune in to hear Strategic Coach’s Julia Waller talk about Unique Ability®—the core of talent and passion that is the key to your best results in life—on leadership expert Dan Mulhern’s radio program.

Julia Waller is co-author of Unique Ability®: Creating The Life You Want.

Catherine Nomura on Unique Ability® and lifetime growth

Everyday Leadership, Catherine Nomura, February 2011

Catch Strategic Coach’s Catherine Nomura in an interview on Dan Mulhern’s Everyday Leadership radio program, talking about Unique Ability®.

In the first segment of the program, Catherine talks about how to make your future bigger than your past.

In the second half of the program, Catherine talks about the ten “Laws of Lifetime Growth.”

Catherine Nomura is co-author of Unique Ability®: Creating The Life You Want and The Laws of Lifetime Growth.

Shannon Waller on Dubai Eye Radio

Dubai Eye Radio, Shannon Waller, February 2011

Strategic Coach’s Shannon Waller speaks with client Karim Ghandour, managing director of The Money Line Group, on Dubai Eye about how to grow your business without burning out.

Experts’ views on how Music by Arrangement should tackle Tel Aviv

The Telegraph, Dan Sullivan et al, December 2010

Dan Sullivan provides expert advice in the Telegraph’s finance section, providing a London-based music and events agency with guidance on how to translate their current success into a foreign-market success.

Women in lead for start-ups

Money Market, Marianne Curphey, November 2010

Most Canadian and U.S. start-up businesses are headed by women. In this piece for MoneyMarket.com, Dan Sullivan explains why they have such an advantage today.

How would you employ your clone?

The Globe and Mail, Dan Sullivan, October 2010

In a special feature for The Globe and Mail’s “Your Business” section, Dan poses the question, “What would you do if there were two of you?”

What sets great business leaders apart?

Growing Business, Dan Sullivan, Summer 2010

Dan Sullivan shares four strategies that separate a truly great business leader from one who’s merely interested in prestige.

On the right side of the microchip

Growing Business, Dan Sullivan, Summer 2010

Using the UK car insurance business, ChoiceQuote, as a case study, Dan Sullivan demonstrates how entrepreneurs can use the constantly expanding power of computing as a catalyst for unprecedented business growth.

The Multiplier Mindset

Motivated Magazine, Dan Sullivan, Summer 2010

In the summer issue of Motivated Magazine, Dan Sullivan writes about your biggest asset — the ability to see the “multipliers” that can enhance your capabilities and enable you to accomplish far more than you could on your own. In the article, Dan outlines six multiplier strategies you can use to become a top–performing, growth–focused entrepreneur. Download the current issue.

Why you should delegate almost everything

The Daily Telegraph, Dan Sullivan, June 2010

In the last of his features as a business expert in the London Daily Telegraph, Dan Sullivan tells entrepreneurs why they should delegate “almost everything.”

How To Learn from Your Mistakes

Growthbusiness.co.uk, Dan Sullivan, June 2010

This month, the UK entrepreneurial success website, growthbusiness.co.uk, features an article by Dan Sullivan in which he explains how to extract the essential lessons from business failures.

Expert view on Nutrition Point

The Daily Telegraph, Philip Smith, May 2010

As a guest expert in the Business Club section of London’s Daily Telegraph, Dan Sullivan advises on a case study about one entrepreneur’s struggles to find, and maintain, his company’s niche market amongst mainstream supermarkets in the UK.

In the Game: How to Multiply Your Business

Financial-planning.com, Stacy Schultz, April 2010

In this Q&A column, Dan Sullivan addresses the issues facing financial advisors today and talks about how “multipliers” can help with the blurring of industry boundaries, the de–commoditization of financial advice regulatory issues, and more.

Catherine Nomura: The Laws Of Lifetime Growth — Blog Business Success Radio

Blog Business Success Radio, Wayne Hurlburt, February 2008

In this insightful podcast, Catherine Nomura, co–author of The Laws of Lifetime Growth, describes how moving forward, thinking positively, helping others, and maintaining a sense of gratitude make your future even greater than anything in your past.

Do You Really Need A Coach?

Inc.com, Alison Stein Wellner, July 2007

“More entrepreneurs are turning to business coaches for that extra edge. Here's how to find the right coach—and what you can expect once you do … After six frustrating months in the CEO chair, Dwyer–Owens learned that both her financial adviser and her lawyer separately were involved in a program called the Strategic Coach. Unlike a coach who comes to your office and works with you one-on-one, the Strategic Coach holds quarterly meetings with a group of entrepreneurs with similar annual incomes.”

Escaping the Commoditization Trap

ProducersWEB.com, Dan Sullivan, July 2005

Dan Sullivan’s article at ProducersWEB.com describes how financial advisors can continually and systematically use the bureaucratic crises in their industry to create enormous value for their expanding clientele and unlimited financial opportunity for themselves.

Dan Sullivan’s 12 Predictions

Research Magazine, Ellen Uzelac, February 2005

Read Dan Sullivan’s 12 Predictions about the future of the advisory profession in the February 2005 cover story of Research Magazine, “Death Of The Salesman.”


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