Maximize Your Team's Success!

Team Tools 2: EXPANSION will not be offered in 2020. Please check back for dates in 2021!

Are your team members ready for more and wondering what’s next? This workshop gives them the tools to be active contributors in building your Self-Managing Company®.

What is Team Tools® 2: EXPANSION?
In Team Tools® 1: FOUNDATION, we focused on your team’s individual capabilities: having an Entrepreneurial Attitude, their Unique Ability® Teamwork, and their personal productivity.

Team Tools 2: EXPANSION is designed for key team members who have participated in Strategic Coach® Team Programs and are hungry for more. It includes three weekly, consecutive, four-hour Zoom sessions.

In this workshop, your team will focus on your company:

  • The Front Stage/Back Stage Model®
  • The Innovation LifeCycle
  • Expanding your Self-Managing Company

How does this benefit me—and my team?
During these power-packed two days, your team will learn how to:

  • Strengthen your Front and Back Stage processes to deliver a first-class experience to your clients while advancing your Self-Managing Company.
  • Always keep their morale, momentum, and motivation high while focusing on multiplier projects.
  • Accelerate new innovation—boosting growth and momentum throughout your organization.
  • Facilitate teamwork and avoid procrastination and perfectionism.
  • Increase their credibility and referability by learning key new habits and transforming old ones.
  • Maximize their best strengths with the Top 5 CliftonStrengths® profile to expand their value creation impact.

Who should I send?
This workshop is for team members who’ve participated in either the Team Tools workshop, The Strategic Assistant® Webinar Program, or a Strategic Coach® Onsite workshop.

Invest in the team members you consider to be engaged and committed to your clients and dedicated to growing themselves and your company.