Maximize Your Team's Success!

Are your team members ready for more and wondering what’s next? This workshop gives them the tools to be active contributors in building your Self-Managing Company®.

What is Team Tools® 2: EXPANSION?
In Team Tools® 1: FOUNDATION, we focused on your team’s individual capabilities: having an Entrepreneurial Attitude, their Unique Ability® Teamwork, and their personal productivity.

Team Tools 2: EXPANSION is designed for team members who have participated in Strategic Coach® Team Programs and are hungry for more.

In this workshop, your team will focus on your company:

  • The Front Stage/Back Stage Model®
  • The Innovation LifeCycle
  • Expanding your Self-Managing Company

How does this benefit me—and my team?
During these power-packed two days, your team will learn how to:

  • Strengthen your Front and Back Stage processes to deliver a first-class experience to your clients while advancing your Self-Managing Company.
  • Always keep their morale, momentum, and motivation high while focusing on multiplier projects.
  • Accelerate new innovation—boosting growth and momentum throughout your organization.
  • Facilitate teamwork and avoid procrastination and perfectionism.
  • Increase their credibility and referability by learning key new habits and transforming old ones.
  • Maximize their best strengths with the Top 5 CliftonStrengths® profile to expand their value creation impact.

Who should I send?
This workshop is for team members who’ve participated in either the Team Tools workshop, The Strategic Assistant® Webinar Program, or a Strategic Coach® Onsite workshop.

Invest in the team members you consider to be engaged and committed to your clients and dedicated to growing themselves and your company.