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Reviews of The 10x Ambition Program

Here's what Strategic Coach clients are saying about their experience.


Robyn Benson

Santa Fe Soul
Santa Fe, NM


David Reiling

Sunrise Banks
St. Paul, MN


Erik Strid

Concentus Wealth Advisors
King Of Prussia, PA

“Being in a room of like-minded individuals and the curated experiences is where I want to spend my life. Being able to step back on a quarterly basis, meet your friends that are global, and then reengage them on a macro level is super important, and I find that very rewarding. The collective wisdom of 50 entrepreneurs in a room is phenomenal because you have that support system—a network of connection and community and like mindsets that helps you in all aspects.”

Derryn Shrosbree

Toronto, ON

“The power of Strategic Coach lies right in the name—thinking strategically about what I want and how I plan to get there. Since joining Strategic Coach in June 2015, I can say that my income has increased about 20 percent, my hours spent at the office have decreased by about the same 20 percent, and I am a 100 percent better husband and father. It’s difficult to describe in a few sentences exactly what Coach does and how it can help. But I can happily say that in ten months of being in the Program, I have already seen 10x return on my investment in terms of my income, quality of life, and quality of relationships.”

Michael Ling

Clarence Street Dental Group
Brantford, ON

“What the Program has given me is more freedom, more time, and much less stress. But it goes deeper than that—it provides a richer sense of ambition and fulfillment from feeling like you’re creating something that’s truly beyond yourself. One of the biggest results has been the individual growth of my team members. It’s been truly transformational and more profitable, but what I’m also more excited about is that it’s so much more self-managing. I went from a business wholly dependent upon just me, to one that has a team and infrastructure, which means I can go away whenever I want to.”

Dan Bradbury

Business Growth Systems
Warwickshire, UK

Upcoming Events

Our events are a terrific opportunity to see whether Strategic Coach offers the 10x experience you imagined. We’ve designed both our live presentations and our webinars to expose you to Strategic Coach thinking and tools to help you determine if we’re aligned with who you are and where you want to be.

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The London Club
London, ON
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Four Seasons Downtown
New York, NY

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