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The Unique EDGE Program For 18- To 24-Year-Olds



Throughout the session, we cover a variety of concepts and tools. Participants work individually and in breakout groups to map out how to apply and integrate what they learn to their own lives. There will be scheduled breaks throughout the sessions.

We invite EDGE participants, after the session, to keep in touch with Strategic Coach®, especially if they have any questions or need support in implementing what they’ve learned.



When you’re on the cusp of a new and exciting part of your life, there’s a lot of input coming at you from all directions—seriously distracting. Enter The Unique EDGE® and our young-at-heart coaches, Cathy Davis and Nicole Solitar, who have been there, done that, within recent memory. Not only do they use Strategic Coach® tools and strategies every day as Coach team members, they understand the impact that Unique EDGE can have. Cutting through the noise and sharing this wisdom is their passion.

The Unique EDGE is designed for 18- to 24-year-olds. For more information and to register, contact us at 416.531.7399 locally, 1.800.387.3206 toll free from North America, or 0800 051 6413 toll free from the U.K.

Investment:US$1,000/CA$1,250 per person (incl. taxes)