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Doug Andrew

Salt Lake City, Utah

The 10x Ambition Program™ With Dan Sullivan

Business: Live Abundant
Industry: Financial Services
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Website: liveabundant.com, DougAndrew.com

Success Highlights:

Since starting the Strategic Coach® Program in 2001, Doug has:

  • Published 10 books, landing himself on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.
  • Brought in $18 million in revenue in a 48-month time span.
  • Crafted a formula that has allowed him to write a book every 90 days.
  • Watched his company revenue increase 10x after he started selling his “recipe” to his competitors—making them customers.

Read Doug’s full story below.

So many people think they don’t have the time. You don’t have the time not to invest in Strategic Coach.

Life Before Strategic Coach®
I remember meeting Dan Sullivan at a convention in 1992 long before I joined the Strategic Coach Program. I knew right away that working with him was what I needed to reach a new platform of success, but I was a bit intimidated. I didn’t think I would qualify for the Program—I could kick myself for thinking that now.

It took me nine years to make the commitment and enroll; I realized I needed Strategic Coach to get to the next level and support my goals.

Becoming A Bestselling Author
I was confident when joining that I’d get the knowledge and courage needed to publish at least one book. What I didn’t expect was to be given a formula that supported me in writing a book every 90 days. This is still one of my biggest breakthroughs to date.

Not only did I publish four books within my first few years in the Program, I’m now about to release my tenth book. I exceeded my wildest dreams. Many of the books even became bestsellers—one of them hitting number four on the New York Times and number one on the Wall Street Journal bestseller lists.

Stop Selling Your Cake—Focus On The Recipe
Another magical thing to happen in my Coach career came from advice I received from Dan. He said, “Doug, you’re so preoccupied selling the cake. You’ve got to sell your recipe. You’ve got to make your competitors your customers.”

This was an epiphany for me, and in 2005, I let go of all of my professional licenses. My decision to start selling my process that I’d created and named in my workshops helped me transform the financial industry. I brought in $18 million in revenue in 48 months, just through selling my formula to other financial advisors.

Mindset: You Control Your Time
So often, when I’m talking to entrepreneurs about Strategic Coach, they say, “I don’t have the time.” But having one day, every quarter, where I can get away and focus—regardless of how busy I am—is how I get the most clarity on the future of my business. I don’t have the time not to invest.

I think it’s human nature to think of all the reasons why something isn’t worth the investment or our time. But it actually costs more not to set aside time to reflect and improve our skills. If you take the time to sharpen your saw, you’ll cut through your life and business easier and faster.

In the 15 years I’ve been a client of Strategic Coach, I’ve never looked at it as a cost or an expense but as an investment into a brighter future. I’m working less, enjoying life more, and breeding abundance—an outcome I don’t think a lot of people expect.

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