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Ed Rush

Bonita, CA

The 10x Ambition Program™ With Dan Sullivan

Business: Ed Rush & Associates, LLC
Industry: Marketing and Advertising
Location: Bonita, CA
Website: edrush.com

Success Highlights:
Since starting the Strategic Coach® Program in 2015, Ed has:

  • Identified the three highest-income-generating activities in his business, something he’d spent five years trying to figure out on his own.
  • Successfully taken a month of consecutive vacation days.
  • Discovered that free time is the source of the creative brainpower that helped him multiply his income levels.
  • Become significantly more strategic with his time, increasing the momentum of his business, while simultaneously decreasing stress.

Read Ed’s full story below.

Strategic Coach has helped me turn knobs I didn’t even know existed on the machinery of my business to create significantly higher income while doing a lot less work.

Life Before Strategic Coach®
I’d compare my life before Strategic Coach to running on a really soft, sandy beach. Every time I took a step forward, I went backwards a little bit.

This isn’t to say that my life wasn’t great. I enjoyed what I did, I loved helping people, and I had a really great client base—but I knew there was the potential for more. Since joining the Program, I’ve noticed a huge shift. It’s felt more like I’m running on a really springy track—every step launches me forward into another step. My acceleration and momentum have increased while my stress levels have decreased. I feel like I’m riding the wave, and I’m not working as hard to get the results I want.

Strategic Coach has helped me turn knobs I didn’t even know existed on the machinery of my business to create significantly higher income while doing a lot less work.

Getting The Courage I Needed
When I first heard other entrepreneurs in the room talking about taking 100 or 150 days off a year, I was shocked. How could you do that and actually make money?

So after my first workshop, I decided to take 30 consecutive days of vacation. This was incredibly scary—not only was I walking away from a month’s worth of income, I also worried I’d get back and have lost a lot of clients.

It was Dan Sullivan’s use of the word “courage” that motivated me to make this decision. Once I made the commitment, I overcame all the fear, and it helped unlock an entirely new level of thinking.

Taking time to think about my business and my life in a strategic way—when my phone and computer are off—transformed my productivity level. And it gave me the ability to create significantly more income on the days I am in the office. This was a huge breakthrough!

The Problem With “Average”

If you think about people who have changed the world—Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs—they were in a state of constant development. They were successful because they were always hungry, they didn’t want to stop, and they knew there was more on the horizon.

That’s why I joined Strategic Coach; I was ready to go to the next level. I knew I could do more, achieve more, and give more. I knew I had the ability to make a huge impact, but I wasn’t going to be able to do that on my own.

If you’re the type of entrepreneur who wants to grow, learn, make money, or take more time off, this is the program for you. There’s no question in my mind that as long as you invest your time and energy in the Program, you’ll get your investment back, and more.

Making An Impact On The World
Strategic Coach® entrepreneurs are doing incredible things, making a difference, and achieving exponential growth every day. In order to collect and share their incredible stories, we launched a video challenge asking our participants to document their biggest wins and the impact they’re making on the world. The results were phenomenal! Check out Ed’s winning submission video here:


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