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Helen Chang

San Diego, CA

The Strategic Coach® Signature Program

Business: Author Bridge Media
Industry Specialty: Writing & Editorial Services
Location: San Diego, CA
Website: ghostwriter-needed.com

Success highlights:

Since starting the Strategic Coach® Program in 2013, Helen has:

  • Already doubled her revenue and will triple it by the end of the 2015 calendar year.
  • Created a unique scheduling system to put boundaries around her time, giving her the focus and energy needed to function in her highly creative field.
  • Made the transition from attempting to run her business all on her own to putting a Unique Ability® support team in place.
  • Created a workplace environment where she can dream and lead her business rather than getting stuck in the day-to-day activities of sales, management, and marketing.

Read Helen’s full story below.

The business strategies we’re taught apply to a wide variety of industries ... Because the concepts are so basic and universal, I’m able to apply them to my situation and create a foundation and business and have a life out of it.

Life Before Strategic Coach
Before I made the commitment to the Strategic Coach Program, my business was my entire life. I tried to balance my time, but none of my attempts seemed to stick. On a dream vacation in Kauai, Hawaii, with my partner, Robert, I kept hunting down Starbucks so I could stop in and use their Wi-Fi. I’d promise only to be a few minutes, but a few hours would pass and, before I knew it, the whole day was gone. This would happen repeatedly because I didn’t have the right structures in place to take a whole week away from my business.

This has all changed with the direction and guidance I’ve received from Strategic Coach. I’m now able to take time off, and I don’t worry about what’s going on at the office. I now have a foundation with a great team in place, a defined scheduling system, and clear, set boundaries on my time. In fact, one of my clients recently commented on how well I handle the parameters of my time.

Strategic Coach has expanded my mind and given me an entirely new outlook on my approach to business.

The Unique Experience Of A Workshop
Being in a workshop can’t be matched. For me, it’s a breath of fresh air. It’s one of the few times I can step back and take a look at my business—like a movie. I get time to strategize on what’s happening, how to fix things, and really just dream about a future vision for the company. It’s a level of fun, professionalism, and insight I don’t get anywhere else.

Being in Strategic Coach is like being given a driver’s manual. You’re finally able to see clearly, and this perspective going forward results in your going faster. We all have the innate abilities, skills, and talent but how do you harness these so that you’re performing at the highest level? It’s about figuring out how to go after your goals and dreams in the quickest way possible.

Words Of Wisdom
One of the best things I’ve taken away from Strategic Coach is the ability to look at my future on a 10x scale. I’ve created this amazing vision of the future of my business, not based on time, but strictly based on my imagination.

I’ve also built strong relationships with those in my workshop group. I’ve even set up a monthly call with another entrepreneur, and we hold each other accountable and keep each other on track with the goals we discuss at our workshop. Strategic Coach is a learning and discovery process I always want to be a part of.

Like any other investment, you expect to have returns, but the returns in this case are not just financial—they’re life rewards.

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