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Jeff Rose

Carbondale, IL

The Strategic Coach® Signature Program

Business: Good Financial Cents
Industry: Financial services
Location: Carbondale, IL
Website: goodfinancialcents.com

Success highlights:

Since joining Strategic Coach® in 2011, Jeff has achieved these milestones:

  • Multiplied his revenue by nearly 3x and increased his Free Days from zero to over 100 days a year.
  • Unplugged from the day-to-day operations of the business, he now gets an outside look at what’s really going on and what he needs to be focusing on—10x growth.
  • In the last year, revenue doubled from the previous year, even with 4x the Free Days ever taken before.

Jeff shares his full story below.

I can’t remember life before Strategic Coach. Now, life is more balanced. I enjoy what I do a whole lot more, working in my Unique Ability. Life is a whole lot better.

Before Strategic Coach, I didn’t really have a lot of goals or a thought-out vision. I was successful—at least I thought I was—but I felt like I was just running around in circles, not really certain of what I was trying to accomplish. It’s funny: I can’t even remember life before Strategic Coach. I just know that now life is more balanced. I enjoy what I do a whole lot more just being able to work in my Unique Ability®. Life in general is a whole lot better.

Investing In Yourself And Your Future
Strategic Coach is by far one of the best, if not the best, investments I’ve ever made in myself. For me it was a big monetary commitment up front, and the whole coaching concept was new to me. My wife asked me, “Why do you need a coach? You know you’re already self-motivated,” and I was. But I felt I needed something to help give me better direction. I’m so thankful that I did make the decision to attend the Strategic Coach Program. It was definitely a huge step, a huge risk, just to actually go out there and do it, but it was well worth it.

The Benefits Of Knowing My Unique Ability
I always knew what I liked to do and was good at, but I could never really articulate or define what my Unique Ability was. Once we were introduced to this Coach concept in our workshop, I realized how many things outside of my Unique Ability I was doing—and how much they were bogging me down, holding me back. Now when I get presented with a new business idea or something that I want to bring into my firm, I can quickly identify “that’s just not a good fit, that’s not what I enjoy. It could make me money, but I’m not going to enjoy doing it.”

Being able to recognize what I actually enjoy doing, and making sure that I focus on that has been one of the biggest growth factors in my business. In my case, that’s doing videos, client meetings, writing blog posts, recording podcasts. Those are the things I love doing, and as long as I’m doing those, I’m happy.

Words Of Wisdom
If I had to describe my two favorite times each quarter, one is the actual Program itself—being at Coach and being around other entrepreneurs. My second favorite is the time I have on the train ride home. I’ve got clarity, I’m focused, and I know exactly what I want to do. I can plan the upcoming quarter, and I’m so jazzed to actually write that down and excited to get back to share that with my team and my wife. Just being able to come back home excited, re-energized, and ready to dominate the world is the best.

If you’re wondering if you should join Strategic Coach, my advice is, don’t wait. The excuse that we have to wait till we get things organized is just that: an excuse. If you’re not already organized, guess what? You’re not going to be. You need to take the initiative and sign up. The other thing I’d say is, don’t fight what they do. I fought it for the longest time and now, just realizing the tools that are available to us in the Program, I look forward to learning the next new strategy.

I can’t imagine my life now without Strategic Coach. I don’t want to miss a quarter. I can’t even fathom the idea of missing a workshop. I’m just excited about what it’s done for me so far—and what I know it’s going to do for me in the future.

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