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Joel Zadak

Beverly Hills, California

The 10x Ambition Program™ With Dan Sullivan

Business: Principato Young
Industry Specialty: Entertainment
Location: Beverly Hills, California
Website: principatoyoung.com

To stay at the top in Hollywood, you have to be doing something no one else is. For Emmy Award-winning producer Joel Zadak, that something is Strategic Coach. His energy for consistent innovation and ability to establish deep, meaningful relationships with his clientele are leveraged by Coach tools and mindsets that are now a part of everything he does.

Read Joel’s full story below.

The best ideas don’t come from the boardroom. They come from retreats into the woods. My retreat into the woods is Strategic Coach every 90 days.

When Joel Zadak joined an improv class to avoid running into a former girlfriend, he had no idea it would be the stepping stone that would launch his entrepreneurial career and lead to his foray into the world of Strategic Coach.

“It all started when I was living in Chicago and I was dating this really cool girl,” he said. “And then she broke up with me. I kept running into her, so I decided to sign up for an improv class in another part of town so I could avoid the neighborhood.”

For Joel, improv led him to writing screenplays. He followed this passion all the way to L.A. where he enrolled in the graduate screenplay program at UCLA. In due course, this would ultimately launch his entrepreneurial career.

Now Joel’s day-to-day looks like this: “I direct writers, directors, artists, and comedians, and nothing energizes me more than identifying their talents, strengths, and passions and strategizing on how that can be turned into meaningful work.”

“When you get to the top, your problems don’t go away—you just have a whole new set of problems.”

Despite being among the top in his industry, he was always primarily concerned about keeping up with his level of success.

To just grow financially wasn’t enough for him; he wanted his personal development to grow simultaneously. So he made the decision to join Strategic Coach and surround himself with other growth-oriented entrepreneurs. He hoped that, at the very least, it would offer him some direction with regard to the challenges he was facing in his business.

“As a representative and producer who’s involved with high-profile talent,” he says, “the more successful you become, the more challenging it becomes. Loyalty starts to play a big role in the clients who stick with you—I wanted to give them a reason to do that.”

But unlike his colleagues, Joel wanted to change the game. He wanted to be exposed to breakthrough ideas he wouldn’t have had access to anywhere else.

“I’m mentoring dances I’ve never been to before, so I definitely need a foundation. I need some education beyond just mentorship of people in the business.”

In Joel’s first year with Strategic Coach, his revenue increased by 90 percent. He attributes this to three things he gained that changed the way he looked at his business:

Confidence and how to really harness this as an entrepreneur.

The Strategic Coach tools, which allow him to get better clarity on his thinking.

Accountability to make progress on his goals so he could follow up and report back to friends in the workshop.

“Because of Strategic Coach,” he says, “I now have the confidence that no matter where my clients are going, I can go there with them and continue to add value.”

“The best ideas come from outside the business. They don’t come from the boardroom. They come from the most unexpected places like a retreat into the woods. My retreat into the woods is Strategic Coach.”

In terms of what’s possible and what the future of Joel’s business will look like, Strategic Coach has completely shifted his perspective and vision.

“I’m sitting next to people in the workshops who have been in the Program for 14, 15 years, and they’re looking me in the eye saying, ‘This is what saved my business.’ I can see what long-term exposure to the Program does for the mind.”

Aside from the 90-day goal that Joel commits himself to achieving between every workshop, it’s also the changes he’s making to his team that have really leveraged him. He’s learned the art of delegating and has started to hire people to fill the gaps where he’s lacking.

Strategic Coach has been his grounding force in discovering what his unique talents are and opening the door to them. This has also given him a whole new appreciation for his team’s talents and the areas in which they excel.

He says, “I realized I don’t have to be great at scheduling or responding to every single email. I can have somebody else do that—somebody who loves doing it. I’m happier and they’re happier. It truly is win-win.”

Joel urges people to step outside of their bubble and seek success through new avenues: “If you want to grow and reach new levels of success, you owe it to yourself to get outside your industry and hear someone else’s opinions. That’s what I get out of Strategic Coach every time I go.”

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