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Lori Kennedy

Aurora, Ontario

The Strategic Coach® Signature Program

Business: The Wellness Business Hub
Industry Specialty: Personal Development & Professional Training For Health & Wellness Experts
Location: Aurora, Ontario
Website: thewellnessbusinesshub.com

Success highlights:
Since starting The Strategic Coach® Program in 2015, Lori has:

  • Revolutionized her business and brand by bringing a support team on board to maximize her growth.
  • Delegated 95% of the task-focused activities in her business so she can focus on being the visionary for her company.
  • Stopped working weekends—unless she chooses to.
  • Watched her revenue double.

Read Lori’s full story below.

Letting go was uncomfortable and didn’t come naturally to me. I think as an entrepreneur, it’s hard to envision something and not want to do it all yourself.

“It’s School For Entrepreneurs”
When you’re building a company from scratch, there are times when you feel very alone. It’s isolating when you’re working 16-hour days, sitting at home, trying to figure out how to grow your business. You feel like you’re the only one experiencing this kind of frustration—it’s overwhelming.

Walking into my first workshop at Strategic Coach®, I remember breathing a massive sigh of relief. I knew it was exactly where I was supposed to be. It’s so reaffirming to be in a room with other like-minded entrepreneurs from a huge span of different industries, from all walks of life, and all different ages—and who are all experiencing the same issues. I’ve attended other high-level coaching and Mastermind Groups before, but this was different.

Strategic Coach schooled me in how to grow my company through entrepreneurial lenses, and I learned how to free up my time so I could produce things faster. It gave me the framework to expand my creativity and focus on only the activities I want to be doing in my company. It also changed the way I looked at my life and reframed my self-identity. I’m so much happier for it.

Why You Have To Let Go—Even If You Think You Can’t
Before joining Strategic Coach, I believed being valuable meant I had to be completing tasks—even if I loathed them and they drained my energy. I remember my coach, Gary, saying to me in a workshop, “You’re allowed not to do it all. It’s okay to just be the visionary for your company.” This seems so obvious but it took a huge shift in my mindset to accept it as true. I felt that in order to grow my company, I had to do or be a part of everything, but this was actually counterproductive.

Letting go was uncomfortable and didn’t come naturally to me. I think as an entrepreneur, it’s hard to envision something and not want to do it all yourself because you’re so connected to the results. Delegating and building my team forced me to learn patience, ask questions, and be a better teacher. And now that I’m on the other side, our momentum is unstoppable.

Building A Sisterhood
When I made the commitment to hire and build my team, I made sure I had a lot of clarity on what I needed from each position. I found people not just with the right skill sets but whose personalities matched the company culture and who shared my values.

We’re an all-women team and we’ve built a family. We’re in sync with one another, we hold the same fundamental values, and we all deeply believe in the mission of the company. I know I can take on massive projects—where I’m delegating 90 percent of it—because we step up for one another, and I trust my team will perform to my standards. Investing in my team has exploded my profits, revenue, and success throughout my entire business.

Getting Past The Guilt
As a mother and an entrepreneur, I’ve found that it’s a never-ending battle to achieve “balance”—a word I hate—between these two roles. You realize you’ll never get back the time with your kids while they’re growing up but you also don’t want to give up on your professional dreams. Joining Strategic Coach has given me back control over my time. Not only have I learned strategies for structuring my days, but these methods are the reason I can pick my kids up from school and spend evenings with them. I’m more present than ever before, and I can now choose whether I want to work weekends—something that wouldn’t have been possible before.

And the best part is that the machine is still running, sales are still being made, customer service is still being handled—just not by me anymore. My advice for any entrepreneur is that everyone needs a coach and a mentor. You need to learn from people who have achieved the success you desire. The sky really is the limit with the proper strategies and the right mindset.

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