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Paul Finch

Republic of Nauru

The Strategic Coach® Signature Program

Business: Central Meridian Inc.
Industry specialty: Construction, financial services
Location: Republic of Nauru

Success highlights:

Since starting the Strategic Coach® Program in 2012, Paul has:

  • More than doubled his business and almost doubled his team in the same period.
  • Shifted from being the business to putting an understandable framework to it, bringing in team members who can “carry the baton.”
  • Ramped up his natural skills and abilities, putting a framework and a package around them.
  • Incorporated Strategic Coach® principles and tools, making structural and management changes that have poised the business for more growth—including a more effective approach to teamwork.

Read Paul’s full story below.

It’s a program that will give you huge benefits. One of the things I have really enjoyed about Strategic Coach is it’s interested in you totally as a person—not just in your business areas, but in your personal life, your family life … It’s a total package that wants to take you as an entrepreneur and maximize all areas of your life.

Life Before Strategic Coach
I’m generally a pretty organized and well-planned person, and my business was growing, but what I was finding (and didn’t have the words for) was that I was continually hitting what Coach calls “The Ceiling of Complexity™.”

That was something I was struggling with continually. An opportunity would arise. I would look to meet that opportunity, and it was bouncing back and forth no matter how well I planned things.

Where I’m based, there are no business groups, there’s no Chamber of Commerce, there’s no sort of think tank. There’s no base for meeting with like-minded people. So I was pretty void of any of that interaction, and I was finding I was really in need of something that would develop me and encourage me, and give me the ability to grow in those areas of business that I needed.

The Strategic Coach Advantage
The tools and concepts are quite amazing, really. There’s such a diverse range and so many of them, and whatever your industry and business type, they’re applicable to all. They’ve forced me to look right across my business: what we do, how we do it, and what needs to happen in the back office, so our business is strong, it’s capable, it does all that I want the business to actually do with my clients, with my customers.

Taking Time Away To Work On The Business
I’m based on the island of Nauru, which is right on the equator in the Pacific Ocean. For me to come to Strategic Coach, I have a four-and-a-half hour flight from Nauru to Brisbane, Australia, then a 13-hour flight from Brisbane to Los Angeles, and then another three-plus hours from Los Angeles to Chicago.


So there’s some effort goes into it. I use the time wisely. I always have something to read. It allows me to think about what I have coming up, where things are at. It gives me a bit of a chance to ponder how the last quarter has been and what might be ensuing.

Since I’m away from the business for a few days each quarter, it means that I have to leave my business in capable hands. And in order be gone, you’ve got to plan some things out. You’ve got to take it out of your own head and put it into a structure that others can manage for you. It’s forced me to do that. It’s taken me from being the business to actually putting it in a structure, putting an understandable framework to it, and bringing in team members that can carry the baton. I’ve found that doing all the travel to come to my workshops has been a very good aspect of this.

Words Of Wisdom
One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about Strategic Coach, it that it’s interested in you totally as a person. It’s not just for your business areas, but it’s also for your personal life. It’s for your family life, it’s for your relationships with your family, your wife, your children. It’s a total package that wants to take you as an entrepreneur and maximize all areas of your life.

So if somebody sees themself as a person who wants to grow in their business, who wants to develop a broader area of influence, Strategic Coach is for you. I travel 23 hours each way, plus the time spent in airports, to come to Coach, but I don’t regret it at all. I take a 12-day slot out of quarter, and I go back recharged and reenergized, with new ideas and new concepts. I don’t see it as a cost; I see it as an investment.

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