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Rickson D’Souza

Dubai, UAE

The 10x Ambition Program™ With Dan Sullivan

Business: Pinnacle Insurance Brokers LLC
Industry Specialty: Insurance & Wealth Management
Location: Dubai, UAE
Website: http://csdevserver.com/pinnacle/demo2/aboutus.html

Success highlights:

Since starting the Strategic Coach® Program in 2010, Rickson has:

  • A newfound freedom over his time, which he devotes entirely to his family after decreasing his workdays from 12 hours to six.
  • Increased his revenue by using Coach concepts to be more strategic in taking on only seven new clients in a year as opposed to 82.
  • Watched his business grow 5x despite major cuts made to his team and the hours he spends in the office.
  • Lost over 100 pounds and altered his entire life by committing to a regular fitness regimen and making his health a top priority.

Read Rickson’s full story below.

Strategic Coach keeps you grounded and going forward. It’s been one of the best investments of my life.

Life Before Strategic Coach®
I made the decision to join Strategic Coach because I wanted to excel, and I knew I couldn’t do it alone. The last six years have been a big progression for me. When I first joined the Program, I was consistently working 12-hour days, and it was difficult for me to make time in my life for anything other than work.

What’s so rewarding is looking back and taking into consideration how much has changed since I joined Strategic Coach. The discovery of what our ideal client looked like helped me to totally transform my business. We went from taking on 82 new clients in one year to taking on only seven the following year. In addition, we went from a team of 28 people to four.

The Importance A Commitment Makes
My first question to any entrepreneurs I meet today is, “Are you being coached by anyone?” or “Are you in any self-learning workshops?” If they’re not, their response is usually, “I don’t have enough time, I’m working 12-hour days, etc.” That is exactly why they need the Strategic Coach experience.

I travel about 18 to 20 hours for my workshops, and because of the eight-hour time difference, there’s usually a bit of jet lag to deal with. However, I know from an investment standpoint, the trip is entirely worth it. I’ve made breakthroughs that have allowed me to live my life better.

By doing fewer—but much larger—transactions, we gained the confidence to make these drastic changes, both as entrepreneurs and as a company. Today, not only has our revenue grown 5x, the amount of time we’re able to devote to engaging in the activities we’re most passionate about has skyrocketed. This was a tremendous step forward for us.

The quarterly workshop schedule is also great for me: You have to show up every 90 days, and you want to have made major progress on your commitments. There are also people holding you accountable, which is fantastic because it keeps you grounded and moving forward. I’m constantly committing to bigger growth, and I have to make it happen.

Being Present
I have two kids—my daughter is five and my son is turning two. I remember that during the first two years of my daughter’s life, I was constantly busy. I didn’t even have time to spare on the weekends. When I was home, I was so exhausted, all I wanted to do was sleep.

Since joining Strategic Coach, this has all changed. I learned how to transform my time with much shorter workdays. I’m able to drop my kids off at school in the morning, and I’m there for all their appointments and school activities. They’ve noticed, and we have a much better bond because of it. My wife and I make sure we make an effort to spend quality time together, as well, because these are the things that matter. I’ve also learned to make more time for myself; it’s how I got my health back and lost a significant amount of weight.

My goal and mission in life now is to free up as much of my time as possible by simplifying my business and relationships and being more present. I’ll continue to immerse myself in the Strategic Coach culture because the breakthroughs I’ve made have taught me how to live a much more balanced and fulfilled life—and nothing compares to that.

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