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Vicki Writer

New South Wales, Australia

The Strategic Coach® Signature Program

Business: The 360° Solution™
Industry Specialty: The Development of Human Potential & Peak Performance/Financial Services
Location: NSW, Australia
Website: https://the360solutioncorporate.com.au/

Success highlights:
So far, over the course of her career, Vicki has:

  • Drawn on her courage and left behind her life in the corporate financial services world to pursue and build an entirely new business.
  • Remodeled her workdays to give herself significantly more time for the activities she is most passionate about, in life and business.
  • Dramatically increased her confidence by committing to offer services that are closest to her heart.
  • Introduced balance and simplicity into her life by implementing Strategic Coach concepts—reducing many of her complexities.

Read Vicki’s full story below.

Clarity comes from eliminating complexity and introducing simplicity. This is the reason I can envision exactly what I want my future to look like.

Motivated To Change My Future
At the time I decided to join the Strategic Coach® Program, I’d spent 25 years of my career in the financial services industry. I’ve now been a Strategic Coach® client for four years, and it was after uncovering my most tremendous passions and talents that I decided to set up an entirely new business, The 360° Solution. Everything, down to the name, came out of my experiences in the workshop room.

The decision to change paths was the result of a few very important realizations. I’d always had an issue with the fact that financial advisors don’t really have a service proposition outside of the initial sale. In addition, I was also starting to get to the core of what I do best by putting a microscope over what I was really passionate about.

The 360° Solution is what came out of this; among many other things, it was a solution to the challenges facing financial advisors and many other commoditized industries, and it allowed me to thrive because of the energy and passion I was able to devote to it. I’m now able to spend almost all of my time doing exactly what I love to do—coaching and speaking on human potential, motivation, and ambition. I’m also able to work with other businesses that want to utilize the online program I have built, as an extension to their own service proposition.

Commitment To Growth
I’ve always been very focused on my personal and professional development, and I believe there’s a lot to be said for investing in yourself. I’ve been exposed to many different facilitators and trainers, but very few of them compare to what Strategic Coach offers. At Coach, they lead by example and practice what they preach.

The Program is unique in that it holds you accountable; you’re back every 90 days for your workshop, and you want to stick to your commitments. It’s your responsibility to test and implement the strategies the Program provides you with once you return to your company.

Words Of Wisdom
I have so much gratitude for the clarity Strategic Coach has given me. The structure of the workshop day and the materials allowed me to get clear on what I want. This automatically gave me more confidence. I can’t believe how effortless it is for me to articulate what I do and my process now that I have the language to support it.

It’s so simple, but the concept of eliminating complexity to introduce simplicity is transformational. This breakthrough has allowed me, and a lot of people I’ve met in the workshops, to get extremely clear on what we want our future to look like. It’s been such a great experience for me, and there’s no looking back!

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