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Wendy Brookhouse & Kelsey MacAulay

Halifax, NS

The Strategic Coach® Signature Program

Business: Black Star Wealth Partners
Industry specialty: Financial Wellness
Location: Halifax, NS
Website: BlackStarWealth.com

Wendy and Kelsey joined Strategic Coach® in 2012. Key successes since then:

  • Refresh and refocus at their quarterly workshop and make sure they leave “on the same page” about the next 90 days.
  • Built a team and corporate culture where everyone speaks the same language—the kind of alignment and communication that fast-tracks growth.
  • In their first year at Coach, revenue grew 20%, even while hiring their first team and putting new systems and processes in place.
  • Had grown over 48% after two years in the program
  • From an “every day could be a workday” mindset to having two seven-day, unplugged vacations together in a six-month period.
  • Created a plan to triple their sales—without tripling their headaches. “The headaches are all gone.”
  • From their early successes, they’ve developed an “anything’s possible” attitude and now have the “thinking tools” for figuring out how to reach even their biggest goals.

 Wendy and Kelsey share their full story below.


We just knew that it was going to be a game-changer, and we wanted to be on that train together.

Life before Strategic Coach was chaotic. Because we didn’t have a team before coming to Coach, we were doing a lot of things that weren’t important, instead of the money-generating activities that we should’ve been doing. It was great because we were growing so fast, but when you triple sales, you triple your problems. Now when we triple sales, it doesn’t triple the headaches.

At the very first workshop, which is all about time, one of the descriptions of an entrepreneur is: Every day could be a workday. It was as if they were in our heads: That was us. There was no such thing as time off. We had vacations, but every day, we checked email and solved problems because we didn’t want to go back to problems. Then we would go into vacation mode for the rest of the day.

Personal And Professional Impact
The biggest benefit of attending Strategic Coach together is being on the same page. We get to work on our business the whole day, and when we’re flying back home, we take that time to talk about what we learned and what our takeaways were. We negotiate where we’re going to go next using the tools we learned, which we can use together because we both know how to use them, we both know what they’re meant for, and we know how and when we should apply them That’s been a very big win.

And integrating what we’re learning at Coach throughout the whole organization is a bonus in so many ways. We have team meetings every week. We start with a Positive Focus® so everyone can hear one another’s accomplishments, celebrate them, and get focused on the next actions to move ahead.

Also, having seen such a jump in revenue in our first year of Coach gave us the mindset that anything’s possible, especially having the tools to figure out how to get there.

Joining Strategic Coach With A Business Partner
It was important for both of us to start the Program together so we can bring what’s best to the table in our business—working together on that and having the same language, which is what Coach has done for us.

It starts with us being aligned, and then taking it back to build a culture in the business around things like the Free, Focus, and Buffer Days, and getting everyone on the same page with that. If we weren’t on the same page, how could we get everybody else on the same page? That was a key component for us: to build a company culture that we understand and can communicate with and are happy with. It’s the best decision we made.

Having said that, we really strive to engage with the other entrepreneurs in the workshop room when we’re all in pairs or groups sharing the thinking we’ve done in the exercises. And, for the most part, we sit at separate tables to each have a different experience within the workshop. If there is a particular key thing we’re working on, we will work together on it, but for the most part, we try and keep it more separate. You do really resonate with certain people, no matter their industry—all with different perspectives that can be so helpful with challenges that come up. We’ve made some great friends.

Words Of Wisdom
If you’re considering Strategic Coach, and you have a business partner or your spouse is also an entrepreneur, we’d say just pay and do it together. Just dive right in because it does make such a huge difference. We can’t say it enough: Being on the same page is just huge.

And sometimes it’s not necessarily in the first year that it all comes together in a big way, but it does at a certain point. You just have to stick with it. When you come to your workshop and get talking people are excited about a big result they achieved during the quarter, but the excitement can start dwindling as you go through the next quarter. That’s why you come back every 90 days and refresh, refocus, and go.

From a personal perspective, it’s given us fences that we’ve built around our Free Days. It gives us our time together for us and maintaining our connection, and that’s going to make us stronger in the business anyway. We just knew it was going to be a game-changer, and we wanted to be on that train together.

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