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Couples Connection®



The workshop focuses on having you work together as a couple, as well as do some individual work and participate in small-group sharing with other couples. There are also large-group discussions where participants can share their thoughts and insights.

Only if you want to. All the materials are for your use only, and you’re free to share whatever feels appropriate. The types of things participants share with others are their achievements as a couple, their best Free Day experiences, and their Kolbe profiles.

No, not at all. This workshop is not a substitute for couples’ therapy and is therefore not designed to resolve outstanding issues. Our assumption is that your relationship is already very good—about 90 percent of where you want it to be—and we can simply help you achieve the remaining 10 percent.

The format and presentation style of the workshop mean you don’t need any previous knowledge of the Program concepts and materials. Even your spouse, who is in the Program, will have never used the exercises in this way before. So, essentially, it will be new for everyone.

Participants who’ve attended a Strategic Coach Couples Connection workshop generally leave with a renewed sense of love and appreciation for each other. Free from the distractions of daily life, you can focus on being together and appreciating what makes you unique as a couple. You also have the rare opportunity to spend time focusing on the future of your most important relationship.

This workshop is about both of you: your relationship, your life together, and how you can strengthen what you already have as a couple. Business-related issues are not the focus of the workshop exercises or discussions.

We hope you do! Many couples make this an annual event to reconnect with each other, with friends they’ve made, and with their future vision. It’s wonderful to come back and evaluate your progress and get charged up again for the future.

Our in-person workshops take place in a warm, sunny resort! Our virtual workshops are held via Zoom where you can attend from the comfort of your own home or a weekend getaway.

Virtual: US$2,900 per couple
In-Person: US$5,000 per couple

For more information or to register, contact one of our Team+ Specialists:

In Canada, call 416.531.7399 or 1.800.387.3206. In the U.S., call 847.699.5767 or 1.888.872.8877. From the UK, call 0800 051 6413. You can also email teamprograms@strategiccoach.com.

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