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The Onsite Advantage™ Virtual Workshops



Kristi Chambers has been coaching entrepreneurs and their teams since 2001. In her role as Program Advisor, she utilizes her experience and knowledge of Coach concepts and tools to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses, align their teams, make breakthroughs, and reach their goals. Kristi also coaches The 10x Strategic Assistant® Teleseminar Program, The Team Tools® Workshop, The Unique Process Advantage, and The Onsite Advantage Workshops. She loves bridging the gap of knowledge between entrepreneurs and team members and helping them create an environment where everyone can grow to their full potential.

Rebecca Powsney is passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve the bigger future they want. As a Program Advisor and coach for the Strategic Coach® Team Programs, Rebecca gets the opportunity to support entrepreneurs every day, helping them overcome challenges and capture opportunities. She loves helping entrepreneurs and team members to become more aware of their Unique Ability, gain confidence, and gain an understanding of how to use the tools, which then enables them to grow and strive for more.

Maureen Sullivan Garrelts is an experienced Program Advisor, coaching entrepreneurs on Strategic Coach concepts and tools since 1997, and also coaches one-on-one Unique Ability® Discovery Sessions to help Program participants better understand and harness the power of their Unique Ability to realize greater and more satisfying results. She loves when they see the possibility of what they can do with their Unique Ability and how that impacts everything around them. Maureen also coaches entrepreneurs’ teams through the Strategic Assistant® Teleseminar Program, the Team Tools Workshop, The Unique Process Advantage, and The Onsite Advantage Workshops.

Shannon Waller is passionate about the power of entrepreneurial teamwork. With Strategic Coach® since 1991, she’s the creator and lead coach of the Entrepreneurial Team Programs and designs and coaches customized onsite workshops that focus on fostering a winning Entrepreneurial Attitude in all participants. A key decision-maker at Strategic Coach, Shannon is a sought-after and dynamic speaker, presenter, and coach. She’s a Kolbe Certified Consultant and the 2015 recipient of the Kolbe Professional Award for individual leadership in building conative excellence. She co-authored the book Unique Ability® 2.0: Discovery and wrote The Team Success Handbook, a wealth of her distilled teamwork wisdom.

Nicole Solitar is a Program Advisor and coach dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs and their teams in recognizing how they can create their greatest value and apply this to achieving exponential growth. Her utmost priority has always been to build trusting relationships so she can help initiate pathways to greater teamwork and success. A Kolbe Certified Consultant, she spends 300+ hours a year supporting entrepreneurs in their workshops in addition to coaching The Strategic Assistant® Webinar, The Unique EDGE®, The Onsite Advantage, and The Team Tools® Program. She believes in individualizing the Program so entrepreneurs and their teams can see results that are easier, faster, and more enjoyable.

Investment for North American workshops: US$10,000/CA$12,500 (incl. taxes) for up to 32 team members. Reserve your date with a 50% deposit.

Investment for UK workshops: £5,000 (incl. VAT) for up to 32 team members. Reserve your date with a 50% deposit.

For more information or to get started, contact one of our Team+ Specialists:

In Canada, call 416.531.7399 or 1.800.387.3206. In the U.S., call 847.699.5767 or 1.888.872.8877. From the UK, call 0800 051 6413. You can also email teamprograms@strategiccoach.com.

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