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Founded by Dan Sullivan and Babs Smith in 1988, Strategic Coach® has offered a focusing program to successful entrepreneurs for over 20 years. Dan had been coaching entrepreneurs one on one for 15 years before he met Babs, and together they decided to create the company. Partners in life as well as in business, Dan and Babs each take over 150 Free Days™ per year, always together.

Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan

Dan Sullivan is founder and president of The Strategic Coach Inc. A visionary, an innovator, and a gifted conceptual thinker, Dan has over 35 years’ experience as a highly regarded speaker, consultant, strategic planner, and coach to entrepreneurial individuals and groups. Dan’s strong belief in and commitment to the power of the entrepreneur is evident in all areas of Strategic Coach® and its successful coaching program, which works to help entrepreneurs reach their full potential in both their business and personal lives.

He is author of over 30 publications, including The Great Crossover, The 21st Century Agent, Creative Destruction, and How The Best Get Better®. He is co-author of The Laws of Lifetime Growth and The Advisor Century.

Dan is married to Babs Smith, his partner in business and in life. They jointly own and operate The Strategic Coach Inc., with offices in Toronto, Chicago, and the U.K. New workshops are also being held in Los Angeles and Vancouver. Dan and Babs reside in Toronto.


Babs Smith

Babs Smith

Babs met Dan in the early 1980s in Toronto. At the time, she had built a successful massage and alternative healing practice. Dan had been doing some one-on-one consulting with local entrepreneurs using a tool he created called “The Strategy Circle” and when he took Babs through it, she immediately saw that this was something really big that could help a lot of people. She decided to wrap up her own business and throw her lot in with his to really make the idea grow.

Babs’s unusual combination of talent, vision, and business acumen has been instrumental in building a unique company with a rock solid financial foundation, always focused on exponential growth, that still manages to practice what it preaches, earning the respect of entrepreneurs who come from around the world to participate in its Program.

Her thinking about the business and the way she guides and commands her team is shaped by a firm grasp on the whole of the situation and an instinct for innovative solutions that create financial results while caring for people and relationships. While Dan has focused on creating and growing the Strategic Coach Program, Babs has built the unique company that makes its delivery possible.

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