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Strategic Coach Overview

Strategic Coach Programs Grow With You


The Signature Program

Build a Self-Managing Company® using our strategies and tools.


The 10x Ambition Program

Level up to a Self-Multiplying Company.


The Free Zone Frontier® Program

Achieve freedom from competition through collaboration.

Upgrade From Foundational To Transformational

The Signature Program is your launch point in Strategic Coach. It’s how and where you begin your journey. Through this stage of the Program, you’ll be coached on all the tools you need to lay the foundation for entrepreneurial freedom: greater personal productivity, ambitious team cultures, and profitable client relationships.


The next two stages, The 10x Ambition Program and The Free Zone Frontier Program, build upon that foundation, expanding your capacity to innovate, multiply, and accelerate.

Stage 1: The Signature Program

Build a company that runs itself.


Learn core entrepreneurial strategies that create a strong and thriving Self-Managing Company.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Have 3+ years’ entrepreneurial experience at your current business.
  • Earn a personal net income of at least $200K.
  • Are growth-focused, open-minded, and ambitious.
  • Demonstrate creativity and the ability to collaborate.


Bigger Future Vision: Expanded vision for personal and business growth.

Personal Development: Habits and mindsets for increased capacity.

Work-Life Balance: Achieving more free time and aligning work with your passions and Unique Ability®.

Market Clarity: Insight into your unique value and target market.

Business Growth: Improving efficiency, innovation, and cash flow.

Improved Teamwork: Streamlined processes and collaborative teamwork.

Stage 2: The 10x Ambition Program

Expand your Self-Managing Company into a Self-Multiplying Company.


Take on your most ambitious goals and successfully pursue 10x results in the areas that will make the biggest difference for you.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Complete a minimum of one year of The Signature Program.
  • Earn a personal net income of at least $500K.


10x Future: Constant growth that outpaces the competition.

10x Freedom: Expand your freedoms in the key areas of time, money, relationship, and purpose.

10x Vision: Thinking on a much larger (10x) scale for exponential growth.

10x Flexibility: Stay ahead of industry changes and current trends.

Stage 3: The Free Zone Frontier Program

Transform your industry through competition-free expansion.


Get direct coaching and facilitation from Dan Sullivan on collaborative innovation with entrepreneurs worldwide.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Complete a minimum of one year of The 10x Ambition Program.
  • Have an existing ongoing collaboration.
  • Have a Self-Managing and Self-Multiplying Company/Companies.


Industry Transformation: Surpassing anything currently available in the marketplace.

Collaborative Value Creation: Connecting with fellow high-achieving entrepreneurs.

Global Innovation & Impact: Tackle real-world challenges in real time.

Competition-Free Growth: Break free of your competition and create “free zones” of unlimited, competition-free growth.

Everything You Get As A Strategic Coach Member:

7 Benefits Circle
Community Icon


  • Global, elite community of entrepreneurs.
  • Collaboration opportunities with like-minded business owners.
  • Optional annual members-only event.
Structure Icon


  • Four in-person or virtual group sessions each year.
  • Unique workshop experience and dynamic content.
  • Dedicated time to focus on your business.
Access Icon


  • Early access to Dan Sullivan’s latest thinking, programs, and content.
  • Insider access to peer coaching.
  • Coaching by experienced entrepreneurs and fellow members.
Knowledge Icon


  • Proven strategies, tools, and systems for success.
  • Actionable workbooks and thinking exercises.
  • 24/7 online access to Coach Connect.
Mindset Icon


  • Fresh perspectives and innovative ideas for your business.
  • Prompts for gaining insights unique to your situation.
  • Weekly Planning Calls for you and your team to get aligned.
Accountability Icon


  • A dedicated Program expert for implementation support.
  • 1:1 coaching sessions between workshops.
  • Monthly Virtual PowerUp Sessions.
Support Icon


Optional programming for:

  • your team (leaders, assistants, and more).
  • you and your spouse.
  • your kids (and young people in your life).


Ready to transform your future? We have new entrepreneur coaching workshops starting soon.