Give A Young Adult The Strategic Coach Advantage

The Unique EDGE® Program is a one-day workshop held in the summer and designed exclusively for young adults 18 to 24 years of age. This program helps to uncover participants’ unique talents as well as set goals and create strategies for achieving them. Participants have the opportunity to reflect on who they are and how they can create value in the world while building their confidence and capabilities.

What You’ll Get:

The session will cover a variety of Strategic Coach® tools and strategies. Participants work individually and in groups to map out how to apply and integrate what they learn into their own lives. The EDGE coaches are youthful, experienced Strategic Coach team members with a thorough knowledge of Strategic Coach concepts and their applications.

Participants Will:

  • Reflect on and focus their dreams and ambitions.
  • Learn innovative tools and concepts to think about, plan, and realize goals.
  • Boost their confidence about themselves, their abilities, and their potential.
  • Discover their unique talents, and see how these are the keys to future success and happiness.
  • Gain insight into what drives them and others to take action in specific ways.
  • Meet people their own age from across North America and beyond who share their challenges and aspirations.
  • Get the support of an enthusiastic team that is committed to their success.

Meet The Coaches:

Nicole Solitar

Nicole Solitar is a Program Advisor and coach dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs and their teams in recognizing how they can create their greatest value and apply this to achieving exponential growth. Nicole has loved the opportunity to coach The Unique EDGE and bring the focus of achieving exponential growth to young adults. One of her main goals as a coach is to help people recognize what makes them unique and amazing and then how to harness this for results that are filled with confidence, momentum, and joy.

Cathy Davis

Cathy Davis is a program designer for The Strategic Coach® Program and directly supports Dan Sullivan in her role as Innovation Manager. One of her favorite opportunities is coaching The Unique EDGE® program for young adults. “It really is an ‘if I knew then what I know now’ program,” she says. “I’m happy where I ended up, but it would have made things a lot easier to have that extra bit of focus back then. Now Cathy gets to provide other young people with tools for making these life choices with greater ease and confidence.

What Past Participants Have Said:

“My girls both found the Unique EDGE session to be encouraging, engaging, and challenging. They are in different transitional places in their lives, and my hope was that they would (a) see themselves better and (b) gain some tools to help them navigate these transitions. They thought it was amazing and shared tons of love for the amazing individual that is Cathy Davis!

We have a saying in our business that if you can help a client’s children, they will sing your praises to everyone they know. I am singing your praises! Thank you.”

Chris Kelly
The Kelly Group at Morgan Stanley

"Pass along my thanks to Cathy Davis for a great Unique EDGE session this past Saturday. Amy Kate and I sent all three of our children, Joshua (23), Kathryn (21), and Macy (18), and they were elated. They connected with peers in a very meaningful way, and they loved Cathy, their new friends, and the content. What a great program!"

Ted Budd
The T Paul Company