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Strategic Coach® Program
Program Overview

A total support system for entrepreneurs dedicated to 10x growth.

The Strategic Coach® Program is designed to make your 10x possibilities a reality.

Working closely with over 16,000 entrepreneurs from more than 60 industries over the past 25 years, we have evolved a complete, proven support system to help you transform your business and your quality of life.

Every Coach session, you’ll get to strategize about what’s most pressing in your business right now and get lots of new insights from people in other industries and other parts of the world. You’ll also come away with prioritized, concrete action steps, new tools and capabilities, and a plan for the next 90 days to share with your team. New ideas can leave you energized and excited, but it’s the clarity about the action steps—and having them written down—that gets things done.

The Foundation: Four quarterly, one-day workshops with a great peer group and a coach who walks the talk.

In your Coach workshop, you’ll find a supportive network of the most ambitious, talented, and successful entrepreneurs in the world, each dedicated to growing their results 10x and maintaining an exceptional quality of life.

All our coaches are highly successful entrepreneurs who are Strategic Coach® participants themselves, with many years of experience in applying the Program’s tools and concepts. Each has a passion and a unique talent for coaching, and the time and energy they’ve freed up from being in the Program lets them pursue this activity in addition to running their own successful businesses.

Your workshop day, once a quarter, is a rare opportunity to get outside the day-to-day of your business to a place where big ambitions and dreams are normal, and fresh perspectives and insights are virtually inevitable. It’s not uncommon to have an insight within the first few hours that makes your whole trip worthwhile.

Everything we teach is something we’re implementing in our own business, and everything—from the physical environment, including the food, to the structure and content of the day—is designed to work for busy, distractible entrepreneurs.

“The best education system for ADD people I’ve ever seen.”

Dr. Edward Hallowell, ADD expert

The entire setup of the workshop day is full of provocative questions, conversations, and perspectives that help you see your situation in newly productive and creative ways that give you an “unfair advantage” in the marketplace.

For more specifics on what’s covered in the first year, get your free Strategic Coach Starter Kit.

Growing teamwork—freeing you to multiply results.

No one goes 10x alone.

Your team is a pivotal part of your 10x growth, yet most entrepreneurs don’t count team-building or team management among their favorite activities.

Strategic Coach tools are great for helping you create a common language for planning, learning, and problem-solving to create alignment and buy-in around your vision and goals. This allows you to focus less on teaching and managing your team so you can focus more on what you do best to grow the business.

Here are some of the ways we support you in building a 10x team:

The Right Peer Group

The Strategic Coach Program is a magnet for highly successful, growth-oriented business innovators—people who are constantly learning and growing, always developing new ideas and creating a better future for others.

Within this exclusive community, you'll develop close ties with your peers in your own workshop group—usually around 30 to 50 other entrepreneurs.

Your 10x network.

The ongoing conversations you have with the entrepreneurs in your workshop are a big part of your Strategic Coach experience and will be where you'll get a lot of your 10x ideas—so it's important to be with people who are playing with a similar level of available resources and opportunities. Though there's no perfect measure, we find that these tend to be proportional to the size and complexity of your business (or businesses) and your income.

Tailored to your level.

To figure out which group is the best fit for you, start by looking at the amount of money you could take out of your business as personal income, after expenses, before tax.

Currently, we have groups for entrepreneurs whose income is over $500K and others for those up to $500K—for now! If your business is unusually complex relative to your earnings, it may be appropriate for you to be in a higher level group.

We'll help you find the right group.

Our sales consultants will be happy to help you choose the group that's right for you. Minimum requirements and income verification help us ensure that everyone in your workshop belongs there. Just email us or find your closest Strategic Coach office on our Contact Us page.

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