Get the foundation for a Self-Managing Company®

Since 1989, Strategic Coach® has delivered strategies for growth to over 20,000 entrepreneurs from 60+ industries worldwide.

If you feel you’ve hit a ceiling and can’t grow any further, our entrepreneur coaching program can help free you up to focus on being a visionary, leader, and innovator instead of managing sales, day-to-day business, and cash flow. Through innovative quarterly workshops, exclusive entrepreneurship coaching, and collaboration with our community of business owners, you’ll learn to:

Thrive in a complex environment and achieve consistent, predictable revenue growth.

Spend more time doing the work you love while consistently achieving your goals.

Free yourself from the day-to-day of running your business so you can bring your bigger vision to life.

Build an autonomous, ambitious team culture that advances your strategic goals without needing your daily oversight.

Work exclusively with your most growth-focused clients, confident in your vision’s ability to benefit your business, team members, and community.

Simplify lingering complexities so your business can keep growing.

Everything You Get As A Strategic Coach Member:

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  • Global, elite community of entrepreneurs.
  • Collaboration opportunities with like-minded business owners.
  • Optional annual members-only event.
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  • Four in-person or virtual group sessions each year.
  • Unique workshop experience and dynamic content.
  • Dedicated time to focus on your business.
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  • Early access to Dan Sullivan’s latest thinking, programs, and content.
  • Insider access to peer coaching.
  • Coaching by experienced entrepreneurs and fellow members.
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  • Proven strategies, tools, and systems for success.
  • Actionable workbooks and thinking exercises.
  • 24/7 online access to Coach Connect.
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  • Fresh perspectives and innovative ideas for your business.
  • Prompts for gaining insights unique to your situation.
  • Weekly Planning Calls for you and your team to get aligned.
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  • A dedicated Program expert for implementation support.
  • 1:1 coaching sessions between workshops.
  • Monthly Virtual PowerUp Sessions.
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  • Optional programming for your team (leaders, assistants, and more).
  • Optional programming for you and your spouse.
  • Optional programming for your kids (and young people in your life).