Why Work At Strategic Coach

We’re always on the lookout for energetic team members who will both benefit from our growth-focused company culture as well as have the talents and mindsets to contribute to it.

If this sounds like you, here’s a quick snapshot of all the unique benefits you’ll have to look forward to by joining our team:

Strategic Coach Culture

A very successful, collaborative company that operates by the principles it teaches

Strategic Coach Compensation

Market competitive compensation plan

Strategic Coach Free Days

Free Days
Exceptional time-off package

Strategic Coach Flex Hours

Flex Hours
Twenty-one flex hours annually

Strategic Coach Benefits

Generous, comprehensive benefits plan

Strategic Coach Training

Top-tier onboarding and training program

Strategic Coach Unique Ability

Unique Ability®
Free assessments and team workshops to maximize your strengths and abilities

Strategic Coach Learning

Access to our world-class workshops, books, podcasts, and videos to help you “think about your thinking”

Strategic Coach Casual Dress Code and Work From Home

Casual Dress & Work From Home
On non-workshop days, you can work from home and dress casually.

Strategic Coach Appreciation

Employee-of-the-month awards and gift cards

Strategic Coach Fun

Fun team challenges, events, celebrations, tokens, and prizes

Strategic Coach Contribution

Three paid days off per year for giving back to your chosen community

Strategic Coach Treats

Free pop, juice, coffee, tea, and occasional catered food

Strategic Coach Celebration

Lavish annual holiday party and gift

Strategic Coach Phone Call

North America: 1 800 387 3206
UK: 0800 051 6413

Join the Strategic Coach team today!